Pressure Venting and Equalization for Changing Environmental Conditions

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Equalize pressure by continuous venting

Customers expect our harsh duty products to function in any environment. VarTech's All-Weather, All-Terrain models must withstand water, dust, liquids and harsh weather without compromising their performance and reliability. For these

mission critical applications, products exposed to the elements, such as VarTech’s advanced All-Weather, All-Terrain LCD System, protective vents provide an effective barrier from dust and dirt, yet still allow the product to "breathe" with changing environmental conditions. This prevents pressure from building up and damaging enclosure seals, which would then expose sensitive components to water and debris. Performance is affected by pressure differentials that are created from temperature variations and battery gas buildup. The internal electronics of our All-Weather, All-Terrain models generate heat that must dissipate or the internal temperature increases, which would in turn cause pressure to build inside the housing during normal operation and recharging, further increasing the internal pressure. These pressure differentials would eventually affect the life and reliability of the device due to stress placed on the seals of the housing. This stress would cause gaps in the seals, allowing contaminants to enter the device and damage the components. If the internal pressure were not equalized by VarTech's protective equalizing vents, the device would ultimately fail.

Changing temperatures, dust, salt, and moisture considerably impact the electronics of marine equipment. Rain or splashing sea water, for example, can cool down an electronic enclosure dramatically, causing a vacuum of 200 mbar (3 psi) or more inside the enclosure. If the pressure is not equalized, air and moisture are drawn through the seal into the enclosure where the moisture condenses on the cooler inner walls. This can considerably impair performance. VarTech's protective pressure equalization venting system is a barrier against this type of contamination.


Our vents:

  • Are waterproof and dustproof to IP69K standards
  • Provide r educed buildup of hazardous battery gases through continuous diffusion and superior airflow
  • Have tolerance temperature range from -45°C to 125°C
  • Provide maximum protection for harsh environment applications
  • Offer superior protection against condensation and display fogging
  • Provide reduced stress on enclosure seals through rapid equalization of pressure
  • Enable for the protection of internal components from contaminants and everyday liquids
  • Contain an advanced microporous membrane that is:
       > water/oil repellent
       > moisture- and vapor-permeable
       > chemically inert
       > non-shedding
       > UV-resistant
       > temperature-resistant

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