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ToughStation Series General Purpose Touchscreen LCD Workstations

Washdown Ready - VarTech's ruggedly built ToughStation Series of fully-enclosed touchscreen LCD computer workstations are gasket-sealed to prevent the ingress of moisture and debris that can damage components within the enclosure. These hardened LCD workstations are well suited for continuous operation in industries with strict sanitation regulations such as food and beverage processing facilities or applications that require regular washdown of equipment with high-pressure water or corrosive cleaning agents.

These workstations have versatile mounting options for easy integration in to existing work environments, and are available in three mechanical designs. Enclosures can be constructed of 316-Stainless Steel (NEMA 4X/IP66) or black powder-coat aluminum (NEMA 4/IP65) which both provide a degree of protection (when installed properly) within manufacturing plants, petrochemical refineries, mining operations, oil and natural gas drilling platforms, and other working environments that can damage consumer grade computer products and electronics. These LCD computer workstations are built with industrial grade components and will operate reliably, 24/7.

Fully-Enclosed LCD Computer Workstations

Rugged All-In-One LCD Computer Workstations

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