Our rugged industrial computer monitors offer a variety of configurations and are ideal for HMI applications in a variety of harsh environments.

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DiamondVue Series Industrial Monitors

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DiamondVue series, very Rugged LCD TFT monitors, are designed for use throughout a wide range of ‘Industrial' harsh applications. At all stages of the production process, these rugged LCD displays are rigorously tested to ensure compliance with various industry standards and are engineered to withstand the effects of severe environments such as water, dust and dirt intrusion. These products perform well beyond ordinary ‘commercial’ type monitors.

DiamondVue Series Industrial Panel Mount Monitors

This 19" Industrial Grade Low-Scan Chassis-Console Mount flat panel LCD display is NEMA 4 (IP65) rated and designed to be placed in a variety of industrial environments requiring protection at the frontal bezel from the intrusion of dust and/or splashing water while having the unique capabilities of interfacing with legacy video formats including CGA and EGA resolutions as well as many others typically below 30 kHz horizontal scan frequency. By special development of their own Signal Recognition and Scaling software, and access to an extensive library of older signal timings gained from 25 plus years of CRT monitor manufacturing, VarTech has created a Multiscan "Universal" flat panel monitor with unique 15kHz to 64kHz display capabilities.