Our rugged industrial computer monitors offer a variety of configurations and are ideal for HMI applications in a variety of harsh environments.

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CrystalVue series, Industrial Grade Sunlight Readable Chassis Mount LCD TFT monitors, are designed for use throughout a wide range of applications requiring open frame, console or chassis mount configurations where sunlight or high ambient light conditions may be present. At all stages of the production process, these rugged LCD displays are rigorously tested to ensure compliance with various industry standards. These products perform well beyond ordinary ‘commercial’ type monitors. VarTech's high bright Sunlight Readable LCDs are ideal for use in direct or indirect light conditions, and will give you the intensity and brilliance your application requires.

DiamondVue Series Industrial Panel Mount Monitors

This 24" 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution Open-Frame Chassis Mount flat panel LCD display is very rugged and designed to be placed in a variety of industrial environments. Ideal for Integrators, OEMs, and Value Added Resellers (VAR), this display satisfies a wide variety of industrial control and man-machine interface applications and is integrated with a high bright (1000 nits cd/m² / 300 nits (cd/m²) optional), high-contrast and extremely durable true industrial grade TFT display. Several important factors make this model a reliable solution for integration into your product: Long-Term availability; Product steadiness; Engineered and Assembled by an ISO 9001 registered company; exceptional OEM, VAR and Integrator Technical support.