Rugged LCD Displays, Panel PCs and Industrial Computer Workstation Solutions for Highly Demanding Applications

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Vartech Product Flyers and Announcements

Certified Class 1 Div 2 Specs and Configurations

Ultra Rugged All-Weather All-Terrain Military Grade Series

Washdown LCD/Computers & Displays Fully-Enclosed/Gasket-Sealed - ToughStation Series from VarTech Systems Inc.

Expanded Hazardous Area Display & LCD/Computer Product Line

Hazardous Area Display & Computer Solutions

Visionary Products & Solutions

Rugged and Industrial Grade Thin Clients Available from VarTech in Multiple Mechanical Designs

15" NEMA 4X Panel PC Available NOW in 5 Business Days or Less

Rugged Rackmount LCD Computers

Class 1 Division 1 Purge Workstations>

DiamondVue Rugged LCD Displays

Rugged Computers for Industrial and Embedded Applications

Fully Sealed 21.5" WideFormat, LCD/Computers

21.5" High Definition, Widescreen, Enclosed LCD Displays

VarTech's NEW 21.5" Panel PCs with Wide Format 1080P Displays

VarTech's NEW 21.5" Panel Mount LCD with Wide Format 1080P Full HD

VarTech Systems Inc., Announces move to new Sales & Service Center

Hazardous Area Certified LCD Monitors

All-Weather Touch Computers and LCD Displays

Gen 3 High Definition Large Widescreen LCD Displays

NVIS Capable, Very Rugged LCD Computers and Standalone Displays

All-Weather 12.1 inch LCD with XGA Resolution

32 inch Widescreen All-in-One LCD PC

Rugged Large WideScreen High-Definition Industrial LCDs

NEMA 4X (IP66) Industrial Products


All LCD and Computer Products

NEMA 4X Water-Proof Products

  C1D2 Specs and
Configurations at a Glance
All-Weather All-Terrain
Military Grade Series
ToughStation Series
Hazardous Area
Enhanced Features
& Options
Visionary Products
& Solutions
Hazardous Area Display & Computer Solutions Industrial Grade ACP
Enabled Thin Clients

Quick Delivery
15" NEMA 4X Panel PC
  Rackmount LCD Computers
Class 1 Division 1 Workstations Rugged LCD Displays
Military and Marine
LCDs and LCD/Computers
Ruggedized, Continuous
Use Small Form Factor Computers
Fully Sealed Widescreen 21.5" LCD/Computers 21.5 Inch High Definition,
Wide Format Fully Sealed
LCD Displays
21.5 Inch High Definition,
Widescreen Panel PCs
21.5 Inch High Definition,
Widescreen Panel Mount
LCD Displays
All-Weather, All Environment
Touch Computers &
LCD Displays
Class 1 Division 2
LCD Computer Monitors
Harsh Duty Very Rugged
Fully-Enclosed LCD Computers
Fanless Panel Computers
Night Vision Compatible
All-Weather LCD Computers
and LCD Displays
Widescreen High Def LCD Displays
All-Weather All-Terrain Touchscreen Computers Gen 3 Wall/VESA mount
Rugged LCD Displays
1080P HD 24" Widescreen
Panel PCs
24" Widescreen Panel Mount LCDs with 1080P HD
18.5" Widescreen ColorVue Enclosed LCD C1D1 Fully Enclosed and
Panel Mount Computers
19 inch Widescreen VESA
and Rack Mount LCDs
All-In-One, Fully Enclosed, Harsh Duty Computers with Built in LCD Displays
PowerVue Series Rugged Marine Grade Monitors  
Custom LCD Monitor &
Computer Solutions
Large Widescreen &
HD Monitors
Advanced Touchscreen
High Bright, Fan Less
Panel PCs
Outdoor Sunlight Readable
32 inch Monitors and Computers Now In Full 1080p HD All-Weather Monitors with Small Form Factor Computers
32" LCDs and IPCs In HD Full Workstation Solutions
Spring 2013 April Newsletter
NEMA 4X (IP66) Rated Products Spring 2013 April Newsletter
  Rugged CrystalVue
High Bright LCD Monitors

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