Industrial Display Mounting Arms

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VT9110 - Industrial Display Mounting Arm

VT9110 - LCD wall mount

Product Description

Hang your flat panel on the wall to save maximum space. Allows pivot and tilt. Or, add optional extender arms to allow even greater flexibility and range.

Technical Data Sheet
Mechanical Drawing
Installation Instruction

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· Adjustable tension at joints - ideal for touch-screen applications
· The LCD display can tilt up and down 30° and turn left and right
· 4" and 8" extension arms available; can be combined to
  increase extension up to 12"
· VESA-monitor compatible - 75mm & 100mm VESA adapters
  included. Please call for non-VESA options

Weight & Measurement

Model Number   Weight Range
VT9110 45 lbs. or less





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