Industrial Display Mounting Arms

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VT9130-S-FM - Industrial Display Mounting Arm

VT9130-S-FM - Long-reach flat panel LCD mount

Product Description

The Model VT9130 Double LCD arm has foldable arms and adjusts vertically up and down along the 14" pole. The arm can fold up to fit about 3" of space and extend out 16".
Various pole lengths are available or can be designed to fit any application you may be looking for. Call for information. Unique cable management allows cables to tucked under the forearm extensions. You will receive a 75MM VESA Bracket and a 100MM VESA Bracket with your set-up.

Technical Data Sheet
Installation Instruction

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· Includes 6 mounting options.
· Standard 14" pole included. Call for custom size options.
· Foldable arms are adjustable vertically up and down along the
· Users can position the LCD arm with the touch of a finger.
· Arm joints rotate 360° and the monitor can tilt over 200°.
· Accessory products are available for holding keyboards or
  notebook computers.
· VESA-monitor compatible - 75mm & 100mm VESA adapters
  included. Please call for non-VESA options

Weight & Measurement

Model Number   Weight Range
VT9130-S-14-FM Up to 45 lbs./monitor





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