Industrial flat panel displays and ruggedized computers

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Ins & Outs of Sunlighty Readable and High Bright LCD Enhancement Technologies

A brief discussion of the three main technologies VarTech offers to produce sunlight readable LCD enhancements...more

NEMA Definitions

A brief description of the more common types of enclosures used by the electrical industry relating to...more

High Bright LCD Backlight Technology

High Bright Technology is another main specification that all customers are looking for. As we know, the light Source of the LCD flat panel is from the backlight system... more

Industrial Touch Screen Technologies

Many industrial applications require the use of touch screens that can withstand harsh environments... more

Kiosk Touch Screens

Capacitive touch screen technology is recommended for use within KIOSK applications that require a "finger touch". ... more

Near Feild Imaging Touchscreen for Washdown Area

Higher color saturation makes the display more vivid and increases the image quality... more

Resistive Touch Screens

Resistive touch screen technology is recommended for use in POS or Point of Sale displays... more

Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Touchscreens

SAW technology offers drift-free stable performance that is always precise. SAW offers superior image clarity... more

Fast Response LC + Special Driving

The newly developed fast response LC + special driving technique provide a good solution to reduce residual image tail... more

Natural Color Technology

The natural color technology modifies the color and optical characteristics of LCD and makes the images more natural and vivid... more

TFT Glass Polishing

glass polishing provides a good solution on reducing the weight and thickness of TFT Monitors... more

In-Plane Switching (IPS)

IPS Technology employs pairs of electrodes at the sides of each cell, running the electric field horizontally through the material....more


In TN LCD the retardation of LC is not the same in different viewing angle so that one might see the grayscale inversion....more

One Drop Fill (ODF)

In the traditional LCD injection method, the cell is vacuum filled by capillary attraction after the two glass substrates are assembled... more

Post Spacer Technology

New post spacer technology replaces the conventional ball spacer by maintaining the gap between the color filter and TFT array using an organic post.... more

High Resolution Process (HRP)

High Resolution Process (HRP) technology improves the optical transmission ratio and realizes very high resolution... more


COG (Chip On Glass) is used to Instead of TAB and WOA (Wire On Array)....more


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