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Rockwell Automation Replacement Monitors

Rockwell CRT LCD Replacement MonitorSupporting all current and legacy Rockwell Automation systems with full industrial flat panel and CRT replacement monitors.

We support direct replacements for current technology and legacy Rockwell Automation (Allen Bradley) Industrial Monitors, both LCD and CRT types.

Supported Rockwell Automation LCD Flat Panel Display Systems:

  • 6151, 6152
  • 6153-AB, -AE, -AF
  • 6153-CB, -CF, -EB, -EEx
  • 6154-AB, -AE, -AF
  • 6154-CB, -CF, -EB, -EEx
  • 6156 14" CRT, 6156-A
  • 6159 17" CRT, 6159-AA
  • 6158 21" CRT, 6158-AA
  • 6180-xxA or xxB (NEMA 4X),or xxC or xxD or xxE or xxF or xxG series
  • 6180-W Series
  • 6181-P VersaView Series: 1200P, 1500P, 1700P, 2000P
  • 6181-H Series
  • 6186 Series : Including models 6186-A, 6186-B, 6186-C, 6186-D, 6186-E, 6186-F, 6186-G, 6186-H, 6186-N, 6186-V 6186-M
  • VersaView Series: 1200M, 1500M, 1700M, 2000M
  • PanelView Series

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