Sunlight Readable, Optically Bonded VBOND Large Screen TFT LCD Displays 720p and 1080p

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VarTech's sunlight readable VBOND optically bonded large widescreen digital LCD displays deliver ultra enhanced contrast ratios and anti-reflection. Our 42" is 1080p True High-Def. Touch screens are available on our 32" and 42" sunlight readable widescreen models. Mechanical configurations include VESA, Chassis, and Benchtop mount models. Learn more about VBOND

Mechanical configurations include:

VESA, Chassis, and Benchtop Mounts

WXGA Sizes:  32"


All-Weather Outdoor IP65 Large Screens available with Sunlight Readable VBOND

Vartech's All-Weather Ultra Rugged Widescreen models built for outdoor use protect your display against harsh weather. Available with VBOND for sunlight viewability.

What are the Benefits of Sunlight Readable VBOND Enhancement?

VBOND greatly increases Contrast Ratio in high ambient and direct light conditions. In fact the percentage increase in contrast ratio as compared to non-bonded displays is greater the higher the level of ambient or direct light. This is because the VBOND virtually eliminates reflection which reduces the contrast in regular LCDs and causes sunlight wash-out. In direct sunlight the increase in contrast ratio can be as high as 1300% compared to regular monitors. This is because direct sunlight can bring your 2000:1 contrast ratio(measured in pitch black) monitor down to as low as 2:1 while VBOND would bring it up to 4000:1 in pitch black and only down to around a very readable 26:1 in direct sunlight.

Achieves sunlight readability without increasing the amount of backlighting thereby not increasing power consumption or producing extra heat.

Prevents dust, moisture, and heat build up by eliminating the air-gap that exists between the LCD screen and the front glass.

Increases protection for the LCD. Should the front glass get hit and break there will be a solid layer of protection between the glass and the LCD screen to protect scratching the liquid crystal screen.

Adds structural integrity to the unit by keeping the most important pieces of the unit solidly sealed together.

Learn more about VBOND