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Industrial Computers with 4G-LTE Connectivity

When mobile network connectivity is a must-have feature for your HMI, VarTech Systems offers solutions allowing the data to flow between your rugged computer and remote locations.

Industries Using VarTech's 4G-LTE HMIs

LTE Connectivity for the Transportation Industry

ToughStation computers are frequently used as outdoor displays in airports, train stations, and bus stations, where a weather-resistant computer with NEMA and IP ratings is needed to communicate information to travelers.

Their options for mobile network connectivity make keeping displayed information constantly up-to-date simple.

Nearly always coming with 4G mobile connectivity, our NEMA 4 or NEMA 4X and IP 65 or IP66-rated WeighStation weigh scale kiosk offers the ability to transfer weigh-in records to your databases the moment they are recorded.

Oil, Gas, and Energy Industry HMIs

In the remote locations of offshore oil rigs or rural energy production facilities, our C1D1 ToughStation and C1D2 ToughStation or DiamondVue HMIs offer operators the ability to seamlessly transfer recorded data to company data hubs in other locations.

From there, your company can measure the efficiency of your processes and systems and make any adjustments needed without waiting for data to be sent manually.

Military Ship


With a history of applications of HMIs mounted in vehicles, DiamondVue industrial computers with mobile connectivity offer the instant synchronization of collected data to external locations.

In addition, their options for fully sealed C1D2 hazardous area protection make the computers reliable in remote energy production facilities.


Designed as an unattended truck weigh scale HMI kiosk, the WeighStation offers 4G-LTE mobile connectivity to easily keep your weigh-in records up-to-date in the nonstop trucking industry where efficiency is paramount.


Among the upgradeable features available in our rugged ToughStation HMIs, often used in hazardous areas such as oil and natural gas production facilities, is the ability to connect to the mobile network for the fast flow of collected data.