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Purge-Protected Units

Our purge systems enable safe operations within Div 1 and Div 2 environments by preventing the accumulation of flammable gases and ignitable dust inside the enclosure. Using a purge and pressurization system is standard practice for the explosion protection of energized HMI terminals within a hazardous area.



This industrial computer is engineered to endure mechanical challenges like shocks, vibrations, and electromagnetic interfaces. Its fully sealed design offers protection against extreme heat, cold, water, moisture, dust, dirt, and even acidic or alkaline materials.

Hazardous kiosk

Hazardous Kiosk

Our Industrial monitor and computer ergonomic kiosk are for operator interface applications in Division 1 and Division 2 hazardous areas.

The hazardous ergonomic kiosk has a friendly operator interface design and several rugged keyboard options to best suit your application and environment.

c1d2 monitors

C1d2 monitors

The rugged gasket-sealed stainless steel enclosure offers a fanless, low-power consumption industrial-grade design for reliable Hazloc HMI viewability and operations throughout a variety of harsh environments.


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Discover the transformative power of VarTech Systems, your ultimate partner in cutting-edge technology for industrial computing and monitoring solutions. Our unwavering commitment to precision and performance has forged strong partnerships across diverse industries, setting the standard for excellence.

At VarTech Systems, we take pride in our leading-edge collaborations that leverage our expertise to drive unparalleled success. Our innovative solutions redefine the landscape of industrial computing, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

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Why is VarTech the #1 option for industrial computers and monitors?

At VarTech Systems we take pride in presenting a diverse range of fully customizable industrial computers and monitors that cater to the unique needs of top-tier companies worldwide. Our cutting-edge solutions are meticulously designed to excel in challenging environments, including hazardous areas, bright outdoor and indoor applications, dusty and wet surroundings, as well as remote locations across the globe.





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Safe for Hazardous Areas

With their fully sealed construction and purge systems, our units have been designed for safe HMI operation in C1D1 and C1D2 areas.

4G-LTE Mobile Connectivity

Our rugged computers can be equipped with mobile connectivity for communication and Internet connectivity across the world.


All our product families offer options for NEMA and IP protection to face dusty and wet outdoor environments or indoor washdown areas.

Touchscreen Options

Our display products, available as computers or monitors, offer multiple touchscreen configuration options including PCAP, capacitive, resistive, and ArmorTouch.

High-Bright Displays

Ready for bright outdoor and indoor applications, our rugged monitors and computers are frequently equipped with optional high-bright LCD displays.

Mounting Styles

In addition to our industrial computers, monitors, and HMI systems, VarTech Systems offers mounting options for a variety of applications and environments, including hazardous areas.

Optical Bonding

Optical bonding is the use of an optical-grade adhesive to glue a glass to the top surface of a display. The main goal of optical bonding is to improve the display performance under outdoor environments.
“By not having to deal with a single failure in these ten years of operation you have made our group’s time spent on repairs zero.”

Dave B.

Engineer, Michigan Turkey Producers

Big business capabilities with small business flexibility.

At VarTech Systems, we specialize in delivering tailored industrial monitors and computers designed to meet the specific requirements of various industries. Our expertise extends across diverse sectors, including food processing, life sciences, manufacturing, marine environments, military, energy, and transportation.
Hazardous Area Kiosk

Industries We Serve

Food Processing

Ready for washdown areas, VarTech Systems' NEMA and IP-protected HMIs offer effective computing and display solutions to monitor and operate processes.

Life Sciences

Fabricated with stainless-steel enclosures, our industrial computers, monitors, and kiosks are used in a variety of life sciences industry applications.


Frequently found as operator interface HMIs in industrial applications, we offer robust, powerful computing and LCD display solutions ready to run 24/7.

Marine Environments

Weatherproof with NEMA enclosures and IP ratings, our rugged computers and monitors are cruising the world's oceans and inland waters in marine HMI applications.


With rugged components made for reliability and performance in mission-critical applications, our MIL-STD computers and monitors are designed with security and safety at the forefront.

Oil, Gas, and Energy

Ready for C1D1 and C1D2 environments, our hazardous area HMI computers, monitors, and kiosks are utilized in oil, gas, and energy production facilities around the world.


Designed specifically to be an unattended weigh scale kiosk, our WeighStation is engineered for seamless operations in the trucking industry where efficiency is paramount.

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Redefining industry standards with features that last.

At VarTech Systems, our industrial computers, monitors, and HMIs are always built-to-spec, designed uniquely for the needs of individual applications. Commonly requested features include but are not limited to being ready for C1D1 and C1D2 areas, high-bright sunlight readable displays, rugged touchscreens, weatherproofing measures, and mobile network connectivity.