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High-Bright Sunlight-Readable Industrial Displays

Frequently equipped as a feature of our monitors and computers, VarTech's high-bright sunlight-readable LCD displays are made for rugged outdoor environments and bright indoor environments such as manufacturing areas.

Our monitors and computers can be upgraded to a maximum brightness level of 1800 nits.

Combining bright backlights, high-contrast filters, and additional technologies, the benefits of a high-bright monitor are numerous.

Industries using our high-bright LCD displays

Applicable across countless industries, we find that sunlight-readable displays are most frequently used in applications related to marine and maritime use, oil, gas, energy production, transportation, manufacturing, food processing, and military applications.

With the exception of our small form factor computers, all our product lines offer high-bright LCD display options and can be equipped with touchscreens.


Sunlight-Readable Marine LCD Displays

Nearly constantly exposed to direct sunlight, VarTech System's sunlight-readable monitors and computers are frequently found in vessels' bridges.

In addition to maintaining and monitoring navigational systems, our All-Weather products are also used in rugged outdoor naval applications where they are made to resist water ingress with NEMA enclosures and IP protection ratings.

Displays for Oil, Gas, and Energy Applications

Our monitors, computers, and HMIs are used in countless outdoor energy-based applications. Our units are found in offshore oil drilling platforms, natural gas production centers, and green energy facilities.

Made to withstand the weather conditions of outdoor applications, our ToughStation lines of units are fully-sealed and offer purge protection for C1D1 or C1D2 environments.

Outdoor Transportation Displays

Our ToughStation WeighStation is a weigh scale kiosk engineered for 24/7 unattended operation.

With its sunlight-readable LCD and touchscreen options, the WeighStation, a monitor or a computer, is a reliable outdoor display solution for the nonstop trucking industry.

High-Bright LCDs for Manufacturing Areas

Commonly used to monitor and operate processes in manufacturing areas, our DiamondVue, ToughStation, and All-Weather high-bright displays are effective HMI solutions for indoor industrial environments with bright ambient lighting.

Monitors for Food Processing Areas

Similar to our manufacturing area HMIs, VarTech's DiamondVue, ToughStation, and All-Weather computers and monitors are commonly found in the bright environments of food processing facilities.

Portable Military Computers

Among our capabilities is producing sunlight-readable computers meeting military specifications.

Our FieldStation is a rugged MIL-DTL portable computer offering sunlight-readable computing systems for soldiers in mission-critical applications.