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Your premier destination for an incredible range of High Brightness Professional Monitors and Sunlight Readable Solutions. Our cutting-edge displays are designed for various applications, ensuring exceptional performance in both outdoor and indoor environments.

Our extensive selection of high brightness LCD displays, computers, and monitors, offers brightness options ranging up to an impressive 1800 nits. Whether you need an open-frame chassis monitor, an enclosed high bright professional monitor, or an optically bonded display, we have the perfect solution for you. Our displays cater to diverse industries, including advertising, zoos, industrial, military, aerospace, transport, public information, food processing, hospitality, real estate, marine, and even ATMs.

Combining bright backlights, high-contrast filters, and additional technologies, the benefits of a high-bright monitor are numerous.

Industries Served

Industries using our high-bright LCD displays

Applicable across countless industries, we find that sunlight-readable displays are most frequently used in applications related to marine and maritime use, oil, gas, energy production, transportation, manufacturing, food processing, and military applications.

Except for our small form factor computers, all our product lines offer high-bright LCD display options and can be equipped with touchscreens.

Experience the brilliance of our sunlight-readable LCD displays equipped with features like optical bonding and outdoor solutions. Ideal for outdoor digital signage, point of information, and more, our displays are optimized for superior visibility even in the brightest lighting conditions.





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Premium Ultra-Bright Panels:

Our premium ultra-bright panels, bright screens, and monitors deliver professional-grade, crisp image quality with true, deep black hues for vivid expression and unmatched visibility. These displays are not only high brightness (up to 1,800 nits) but also feature wide viewing angles, greener designs with low power consumption, and long product lifetimes. Contact our Project Coordinators to discuss your specific project and requirements, and we'll provide you with the optimum solution to exceed your expectations.

VarTech's High-Bright Sunlight-Readable Industrial Displays:

VarTech offers high-bright sunlight-readable LCD displays designed for rugged outdoor environments and bright indoor settings like manufacturing areas. Upgrade our monitors and computers to a maximum brightness level of 1800 nits for enhanced performance. These displays find applications across industries such as marine, oil, gas, energy production, transportation, manufacturing, food processing, and military.

Applications Across Industries:

Our sunlight-readable marine LCD displays are designed for vessels' bridges, ensuring visibility even under direct sunlight. In oil, gas, and energy applications, our monitors, computers, and HMIs withstand outdoor conditions with fully sealed ToughStation units offering purge protection for C1D1 or C1D2 environments. For outdoor transportation displays, explore our ToughStation and WeighStation, a reliable solution for the nonstop trucking industry. In manufacturing areas and food processing facilities, our DiamondVue, ToughStation, and All-Weather high-bright displays serve as effective HMI solutions for bright ambient lighting.

Portable Military Computers:

Experience military-grade reliability with our FieldStation, a rugged MIL-DTL portable computer offering sunlight-readable computing systems for soldiers in mission-critical applications.

At VarTech Systems, we are committed to providing top-notch High Brightness Professional Monitors and Sunlight Readable Solutions tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today to elevate your display experience and stay ahead in your industry.

Product Lines using High-Bright Sunlight-Readable displays