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HMIs for the Transportation Industry

VarTech Systems' rugged and industrial HMIs are used throughout the transportation industry, from the interiors of offroad military vehicles to public-facing displays at airports to highway weigh scales.
Key Features

Shock and Vibration Protection

A necessity for transportation industry HMIs, our computers and monitors have options for ruggedized components, preparing them for bumpy roads, roaring seas, or transportation hubs where planes, trains, and buses are constantly causing environmental vibrations.
Key Features

NEMA and IP Protection

With options for NEMA 4, NEMA 4X, and NEMA 6 enclosures with IP65, IP66, and IP67 protection, our rugged HMIs can face the rain, snow, or sand, stopping dust and water ingress in outdoor environments.
Key Features

Ready for Extreme Temperatures

With options across our product lines for extreme temperature packages, our units can reliably operate in a maximum temperature range of -20º Celsius to 70º Celsius (-4º Fahrenheit to 158º Fahrenheit).

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Sunlight-Readable Touchscreen Displays

By combining readiness for extreme temperatures with being ready for bright environments, our high-bright sunlight readable monitors and computers are an effective outdoor HMI solution.

Our optional touchscreens are also prepared to face the weather and, depending on the needs of your application, offer seamless functionality after experiencing impact damage. VarTech's rugged touchscreen options include resistive, capacitive, PCAP, and the ultra-durable ArmorTouch.

4G-LTE Mobile Connectivity

Offering communication in remote environments is a necessity for many HMI applications. Our WeighStation, ToughStation, and DiamondVue product lines offer mobile network connectivity so that you can instantly collect any data gathered or remotely update information on your display.