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Hazardous Area Kiosk

Designed for safety in hazardous area applications, VarTech Systems' ToughStation HMI kiosks offer a reliable, high-performance computing solution for C1D1 and C1D2 environments.

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Hazardous Kiosk Available Sizes

  • Ergonomic Enclosure: 15″ – 21.5″ LED back-lit LCD
  • Panel Enclosure: 15″ – 21.5″ LED back-lit LCD
  • Recessed Enclosure: 15″ – 21.5″ LED back-lit LCD

Key Features

Purge-Protected and Fully Sealed for Hazardous Areas

When you need a C1D1 kiosk for operating and monitoring systems in extreme environments, our HMI systems, available as monitors or computers, are engineered to keep users safe.

Type X or Type Z Purge Systems

Our Class 1 Division 1 area kiosks feature a Type X purge system, a requirement for environments where ignitable concentrations of flammable gas can be present under typical conditions.

VarTech’s ToughStation C1D2 kiosks feature a Type Z purge system. All our hazardous area HMIs are non-incendiary, protecting the internal components in the case of an explosion. NEMA 4X enclosures with IP66 ratings are standard for our hazardous area kiosks.

Touchscreen Displays

Available with screen sizes ranging from 15" to 21.5", our panel enclosure and recessed keyboard enclosures have options for durable, rugged touchscreens, including those compatible with gloves.

Three Enclosure Options

VarTech's hazardous area HMI kiosks come in three standard enclosures. Each enclosure comes with a front access door for occasional maintenance.

Fully Sealed Keyboards

Two of our three ergonomic enclosure styles possess an integrated keyboard. Ready for hazardous area operation, our keyboards are fully sealed.

High-Bright Sunlight-Readable Displays

Whether you need a sunlight-readable display for an outdoor setting or indoor manufacturing environment, our high-bright monitors and computers are excellent for either environment. VarTech's HMI kiosks also include rugged touchscreens for the rigorous operational demands of hazardous areas.

Industrial Pedestal Mounts and Arm Mounts

Often ordered with our versatile pedestals and arm mounts, the latter of which include swing and swivel arms, we customize every ToughStation kiosk to the customer’s requirements.

Industries Using ToughStation Hazardous Area Kiosks