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Part of our ToughStation product family, the WeighStation functions as an unattended truck weigh scale kiosk for efficient operations in the nonstop transportation industry.

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Key Features

Weather-Resistant with NEMA 4 or NEMA 4X and IP65 or IP66 Protection

Contained in a NEMA 4 or NEMA 4X enclosure, our WeighStation is made for outdoor use in the trucking industry. With IP65 or IP66 protection against water and dust ingress and options for a locking or non-locking front enclosure door, they are reliable kiosks for daily scale operations.

In addition, the products have internal component options allowing for operation in extreme heat or cold so that no matter what climate in which your unattended truck scale system is located, around-the-clock functionality will not cease.
VarTech Product
Key Features

Sunlight-Readable for Outdoor Usage

Typically coming with sunshades and high-bright sunlight-readable LCDs, our kiosks' specifications, which are customized to the needs of each application, are always ready for outdoor applications.
Key Features

Available as a Monitor or Computer

Our weigh scale HMI can be a monitor or a computer for increased flexibility according to the needs of a customer. Offering computers made to handle the software running your equipment, we can engineer a custom solution to meet the needs of your operation.
Key Features

Designed for Unattended Kiosk Usage

Our unattended truck scale kiosks are ideal for applications in which efficiency is the most critical part of your process. Whether or not drivers are able to stop on the scale, our computer can synchronize with your scale calibration technology to accurately measure data and keep vehicles moving.
Key Features

Capturing Required Data

Offering a control console with a simplified user interface, our kiosks include RFID technology and barcode scanners as needed. In addition, they are often equipped with cameras to record vehicles stopping and passing through your station.

Microphones and speakers are also available with the WeighStation in the case that a driver must communicate with a remote operator upon arriving at the kiosk. Rugged touchscreen options are an additional feature that our WeighStation can be upgraded with.
Key Features

Remote Management via LTE Mobile Connectivity

Remotely gathering the data from your company's unattended truck scales is as necessary as their driver-facing functionality. Designed for efficiency in the nonstop transportation industry, our computers are remotely manageable via wired connection or 5G-LTE mobile network connectivity.

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