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Sunlight Readable Industrial All-in-One Computers, High Bright Industrial Workstations, and Panel Mount PCs

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Fully Enclosed NEMA 4 and 4X Touch Screen All In One Computers

VarTech's sunlight readable actively and passively enhanced rugged industrial workstations, fully enclosed rugged computers are perfect for most any working environment where high ambient light or direct sunlight is a factor. These systems are gasket sealed making them resistant to weather and dust as are VarTech's other NEMA 4X ToughStation series systems.

New Widescreen 21.5" and 24" 1080P High Definition Panel PC and Fully Enclosed Computers now available

NEMA 4/4X Sunlight Readable, Fully Enclosed,
All-in-One Computers with Integrated LCD

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Sunlight Readable, Fully Enclosed,
NEMA 4X, Complete Industrial Workstations

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Sunlight Readable, Panel Mounted,
NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X Industrial Computers

       NEMA 4X Stainless Steel Models- Click Desired Size
        8.4"  |  10.4"  |  15.0"  |  17.0"  |  19.0" |  21.5"   |  24.0"


       NEMA 4 Black Powder Coated Models- Click Desired Size
        8.4"  |  10.4"  |  15.0"  |  17.0"  |  19.0" |  21.5"   |  24.0"


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