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Industrial Touchscreen Displays

VarTech Systems' rugged and industrial HMIs, computers, and monitors often include touchscreen capabilities to support and enhance user experience and support an application's requirements.

Our Touchscreen Technology Offerings

Resistive Touch Displays

Including two thin layers of material separated by an air gap, the layers generate a signal sent to the computer.

Industrial Touchscreens Compatible with Gloves

Resistive touchscreens can be operated using a person wearing protective gloves for environments requiring such cautions and safety protocols, such as the pharmaceutical and food processing industries, which we serve.

Rugged Touch Monitors Designed for Durability

Whether for a computer or monitor, our touchscreen displays can be equipped with ArmorTouch technology, an extremely durable glass-film-glass touchscreen solution resistant to scratches, abrasions, water, and chemicals, making it ideal for when an industrial touchscreen monitor or computer is located in a washdown or clean-in-place area.

Capacitive Touchscreens

Our capacitive touchscreens are incredibly responsive, offer multi-touch capabilities, and are ideal for HMI touch displays requiring operational efficiency for 24/7 usage, such as workstations and kiosks in industrial applications.


PCAP Touchscreens

Using a complex system of electrodes to detect touch by a hand or a stylus, PCAP (projected capacitive) industrial touch displays are available on most of our units.


Industries Using VarTech's Industrial Touchscreen Displays

Transportation Weigh Scales

Our WeighStation weigh scale kiosk can be either a monitor or a computer.

As an unattended kiosk for truck weigh scales, these products are effective solutions for keeping lines moving in the nonstop transportation industry.

Offering sunlight-readable industrial LCDs and NEMA enclosures ready for outdoor environments, this rugged touchscreen HMI has been designed for its unique purpose.

Manufacturing Areas

Found in factories and harsh industrial environments worldwide, including C1D1 and C1D2 hazardous areas, our HMI monitors and computers are ready for ongoing operation and offer touchscreen displays as needed by the application.

Marine Applications

Ready for sailing the open ocean or cruising inland waters, our weather-resistant LCD monitors and computers offer multiple touchscreen options for operator interface usage.

With NEMA enclosures and IP protection according to the application's needs, our units offer upgrades with sunlight-readable touchscreens and capabilities to operate reliably in extreme temperatures.