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VarTech Systems' All-Weather computers are built for wet and demanding outdoor environments, offering protection against dust and water ingress, including temporary submersion, in marine and outdoor applications.

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VarTech Product
Key Features

IP Rated and NEMA Protected

Essential to any outdoor HMI application, VarTech Systems' All-Weather computers are built to IP67 protection standards and housed in a NEMA 6 enclosure constructed with billet 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum.

The weather-resistant computers are engineered to meet the requirements of around-the-clock use in rugged outdoor conditions.
Key Features

Built for Extreme Weather Conditions

Our most weatherproof computers, made for outdoor placement in extreme environments, are customized to operate in an extensive temperature range: from -30° Celsius to 60° Celsius (-22° Fahrenheit to 140° Fahrenheit).

Their NEMA enclosures ensure durability and reliability in all types of weather, from extreme heat to nonstop rain, intense humidity, and snow.
Key Features

Sunlight-Readable Displays for Outdoor Computer Installations

Operation in direct sunlight is a must-have feature for numerous customers who order our All-Weather units.

Always designed according to the needs of each application, our computers are often equipped with high-bright LCD screens for outdoor deployments facing full sunlight conditions.
Key Features

Protected Touchscreens for Harsh Environments

Our All-Weather computers are not only housed in an enclosure for harsh outdoor conditions and include options for readability in direct sunlight, but their designs also include multiple touchscreen technology options.

Touchscreen configurations include PCAP, restive, and ArmorTouch glass. VarTech's touchscreen functionality can support the use of gloves or a stylus.
Key Features

Mounting Configurations and Display Sizes

All-Weather units come in screen sizes ranging from 8.4" to 21.5".

The NEMA-protected computer can be designed to include the following mounting options:
· VESA mount
· RAM mount
· Panel mount
· Console extreme mount