How Michigan Turkey Producers has relied on VarTech's HMI for 10 Years.

Gavin Moody

Founded in 1998, Michigan Turkey Producers, abbreviated as MTP, is a business cooperative created by growers to bring their turkey and chicken products to local markets. They offer numerous ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook turkey and chicken food products.

Their bird processing facility is built to far-exceed sanitation and safety standards. Every wall and ceiling is covered in stainless steel so the entire plant can be easily sanitized.

Dave B. is an Engineer in the Controls Department, which manages the computers and technology that monitor and control the plant’s numerous processes. When he started working at MTP ten years ago, they had just finished an upgrade to their bird-receiving facility and required a reliable HMI.  

When looking for an HMI solution ten years ago, they chose a VarTech unit designed for wash-down, clean-in-place environments with a waterproof keyboard. The room in which their VarTech HMI system is located is under a process of thorough daily sanitizing to comply with and exceed food production safety standards.  

Over the past ten years, Michigan Turkey Producers has purchased HMIs, computers, and displays from a number of other manufacturers that did not last under their thorough food safety protocols.  

When it came to their VarTech HMI, ours “received normal IT software maintenance over the next ten years with no failures or complaints."

"Five days a week, 52 weeks a year, it just ran and worked.” -Dave B

MTP’s Controls Department staff are responsible for repairing malfunctioning displays and computers as needed. According to Dave B., “by not having to deal with a single failure in these ten years of operation you have made our group’s time spent on repairs zero.”

VarTech Systems Inc. designs and fabricates industrial and rugged computers, monitors, and HMIs. Our products are engineered for safety and customized to meet the needs of each application.