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VarTech Systems' DiamondVue C1D2 area computers and monitors are designed for safe operation in hazardous areas.

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DiamondVue C1D2

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Key Features

Safe HMIs for C1D2 Hazardous Areas

Engineered for safety in hazardous locations, our DiamondVue C1D2 monitors are fully sealed. Ready for Class 1 Division 2 applications where ignitable concentrations of gases and vapors can be present, they are non-incendive, protecting the computer from external explosions and preventing internal combustion.
Key Features

NEMA 4X and IP66 Protection

Built within NEMA 4X enclosures with IP66 ratings, they prevent the ingress of dust and water, keeping your system running in all kinds of environments. Stainless-steel and durable aluminum enclosures are available.
Key Features

Wide Range of Display Sizes

With display sizes starting at 10.4", DiamondVue hazardous area computers and monitors are practical when space is limited in an existing environment.

When more space is available for a larger display, our 21" and 24" designs are often the screen size of choice for interface operators monitoring and controlling processes.
Key Features

Industrial Touchscreens

Available with PCAP, capacitive, or resistive touchscreens, DiamondVue computers and monitors are commonly used as operator interfaces in a wide range of industrial applications.

Our resistive touchscreens are perfect for applications where your employees are required to wear protective gloves. VarTech's ArmorTouch solutions are often used when display panels are at risk of impact, offering reliable performance even if the LCD incurs damage.
Key Features

High-Bright LCD Displays

An effective computer solution for bright indoor manufacturing environments, our C1D2 HMI products can be upgraded with high-bright sunlight-readable LCDs.
Key Features

Numerous Mounting Options

A feature making our DiamondVue one of our most popular products is its more than half-a-dozen mounting options. The diversity of mounting designs allows our C1D2 HMIs, computers, and monitors flexibility to offer solutions in any setting.

In addition to custom-height pedestals and mounting arms, the following mounting styles are available on most DiamondVue sizes:
· Panel with clips
· Panel with studs
· Console
· Console Extreme
· Rack
· Chassis
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