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Weatherproof Computers and Monitors for Marine Use

VarTech Systems' NEMA-protected and IP-rated marine computers and monitors are excellent display and computer solutions for marine vessels.

Found in deep-sea fishing vessels, commercial vessels, and even military speedboats, our All-Weather and ToughStation marine-grade LCD monitors and computers are an effective solution for indoor and outdoor aquatic environments.

Key Features

NEMA and IP Protection for Harsh Marine Environments

Ready for the harsh operating environments of the open ocean or inland waters, our rugged displays are typically contained within NEMA enclosures and offer IP protection ratings.
Key Features

NEMA 6 Enclosures with IP67 Protection

The All-Weather, our product most commonly used in maritime applications, has been engineered with weather resistance at the forefront of its rugged design.

Available as a computer or monitor contained within a NEMA 6 enclosure, it is made to prevent the ingress of dust and water and withstands up to 30 minutes of underwater submersion in depths of less than one meter.

Key Features

NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X Enclosures with IP65 or IP66 Protection

Also available as a computer or monitor, our ToughStation fully sealed units are corrosion and moisture resistant.

With NEMA 4 and IP65 protection or NEMA 4X and IP66 protection, they are effective solutions for indoor marine applications, such as a bridge console or an HMI for monitoring and operating processes in commercial ships such as shipping vessels.

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Sunlight Readable Displays for Outdoor Monitors and Computers

Sunlight readability is a must-have feature in the frequently bright daytime conditions of outdoor marine applications. Our marine LCD displays can be upgraded with high-bright features up to a maximum level of 1800 nits for clear visuals in the brightest outdoor conditions.

Touchscreen Marine Monitors and Computers

In addition to offering sunlight-readable displays for outdoor applications, our rugged LCD products offer multiple touchscreen technology options. Our marine-grade touchscreens remain functional when wet, making them excellent display options for harsh marine operating environments.

Ready for Extreme Temperatures

The All-Weather includes custom upgrade options for the hostile operating conditions of the open ocean. Whether you are facing the tropical heat or the arctic cold, we can accommodate the All-Weather for temperatures ranging from -40° Celsius to 70° Celsius (-4° Fahrenheit to 158° Fahrenheit).