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Reasons to Choose DiamondVue

NEMA and IP Protection

Offer NEMA 4 and IP65 or NEMA 4X and IP66 protection, DiamondVue industrial computers and monitors are protected against the ingress of dust and water.

Numerous Mounting Options

Key to why the DiamondVue is one of our most popular products is its over half-a-dozen mounting options. Our DiamondVue includes the following mounting styles: VESA, RAM, rack, chassis, console, console extreme, panel with studs, and panel with clips.

Wide Range of Display Sizes

A facet setting apart the DiamondVue is its wide range of display sizes. The 6.5" display is perfect for small spaces, while the 32" units offer a large display in settings where process operation and monitoring is the application's focus.

Custom DiamondVue
DiamondVueDiamondVue Computers


With up to 32 GB of RAM and options for Intel i7 processors, DiamondVue computers are ready for 24/7 operation in industrial settings with stainless-steel or durable aluminum enclosures.

DiamondVueDiamondVue Monitors


DiamondVue monitors' options for high-bright sunlight-readable LCDs and resistive, PCAP, capacitive, and ArmorTouch touchscreen options make them effective for nearly any application.

DiamondVueDiamondVue C1D2


Fully sealed for C1D2 hazardous areas such as oil and natural gas industry facilities, DiamondVue computers and monitors offer reliable, safe HMI operation in industrial environments.


Got questions? We have answers.


Can the product be customized for my specific application?

Every product is customized to your unique needs. Our Project Coordinators carefully assess the required specifications of each customer before recommending solutions. All our HMIs are built-to-spec, customized to your application and environment.

When you need a custom product, our Research and Development team works with you to engineer a design with specifications for your precise needs. We are forthright and will never sell an HMI if we are not entirely confident that it will meet the needs of your application.

Where are the products manufactured, and what is the estimated lead time?

As of mid-2023, our average lead time is four-to-eight weeks. Our North Carolina-based manufacturing facility includes a metal shop and a Class 10000 clean room for our optical bonding processes. With the exception of powder coating, which occurs within a half-hour drive, our entire engineering, production, and assembly processes are housed under one roof, offering us the flexibility to meet customers' needs quickly.

Lead time is conditional on numerous factors, and being forthright, we will only guarantee a lead time after a thorough assessment of the requirements of the production process. In the occasional event that delays occur, you will be promptly notified.

Can I get a mounting configuration for any model or size?

Certain mounting styles are incompatible with specific models and sizes of our product lines. Compatible mounting configurations are noted on each specific product page. Please get in touch with a Project Coordinator to confirm compatibility.

How long has your company been in business?

We have been in business for over 30 years. Incorporated in 1989, VarTech Systems has a history of providing industrial computers and display solutions to companies across the United States and the world. We have been debt-free for the entire history of our company.

Are the HMI products reliable?

The key to why customers come to us over and over again is the reliability of our products. We frequently receive feedback that our computers and monitors outlast those of the competition with minimal or no need for maintenance or repairs.

Is lifetime tech support available for the products?

VarTech Systems offers technical support to customers for the life of our products. If you have questions or need assistance with your HMI, email us or call us at 800-223-8050 to speak to our expert support staff.