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Safe Hazardous Area HMIs, Computers, and Monitors

VarTech Systems' hazardous area HMIs, computers, and monitors are found frequently in the industries of manufacturing and energy production, especially oil and gas. Among our product lines, we offer C1D1 and C1D2 certified HMIs which comply with NEC standards.
Key Features

Safety Always Comes First

When it comes to hazardous location work environments, we spare no expense in ensuring that our certified industrial-grade units meet safety standards. At our manufacturing facility in North Carolina, every unit is tested by our engineers before being shipped to customers.

Among our DiamondVue and ToughStation lines include C1D1 and C1D2 area-ready computers, monitors, and HMI kiosks ready for extreme environments.





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C1D1 HMI Systems

In the extreme Class 1 Division 1 environment, safe equipment and processes are of paramount value. Where ignitable concentrations of flammable vapors and gases are present, a Hazardous Area HMI is necessary. These dangerous environments' regulations and standards require technology such as computers and monitors to have purge systems and pressurization in the case of an explosion.

Purge-Protected Computers & Monitors

With specifications engineered for the highest level of protection, our purge-protected system enclosed in our large-format ToughStation is certified to meet the specific requirements of C1D1 and C1D2 environments. The unit itself is nonincendiary in the event of a fire or explosion. Its fully sealed enclosure is available in aluminum or stainless steel and offers NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X ingress protection, respectively.

Offering a Type-X or Type-Z purge, depending on the enclosure's material, our hazardous area computers and monitors are used for operating and monitoring machinery and processes in the harsh environments of oil and gas production and petrochemical manufacturing. Available with or without touchscreens, they can function as a human-machine interface or remote terminals. The available display sizes for the purge-protected ToughStation are 32" and 43".

C1D2 HMI Systems

Though less extreme than a C1D1 environment, C1D2 areas require fully sealed HMIs. In such as hazardous location, flammable gases and liquids are confined, but pose a grave risk in the event that they escape their containment systems.

Our ToughStation and DiamondVue product lines include fully sealed C1D2 certified computers and monitors with screen sizes ranging from 10.4" to 24."

Both our C1D1 and C1D2 units have optional upgrades in the case that they will offer effective solutions in extreme temperatures, whether heat or cold. Extreme temperature upgrade packages can allow our HMIs to function in temperatures ranging from -20° Celsius to 60° Celsius (-4° Fahrenheit to 140° Fahrenheit).

HMI Kiosks for Hazardous Areas

Our C1D1 and C1D2 area ToughStation HMI kiosks are a reliable, safe solution for operating and monitoring systems. When human operators are required to control or monitoring processes in hazardous areas, they can rest assured that our HMI products allow them to safely monitor and operate their machinery.