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In addition to our industrial and rugged computers and monitors, VarTech Systems produces fully sealed keyboards and HMI peripherals for enhanced security and functionality, including biometric fingerprint scanners, cameras, RFID readers, thermal printers, speakers, and microphones.

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Keyboards peripherals

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Rugged Keyboards

Industrial Keyboards

Our heavy-duty silicone, sealed membrane, or stainless steel keyboards are designed for operator interface usage in industrial applications. As needed, they can be prepared for outdoor environments, including those where your HMI faces extremely high or low temperatures.
Rugged Keyboards

Fully Sealed Hazardous Area Keyboards

VarTech's industrial keyboards are also engineered for the harsh environments of C1D1 and C1D2 applications according to customers' needs, including 24 function keys and a 10-key numeric keyboard connected to your HMI via USB or PS/2 ports.

Encased in stainless steel, our keyboards are made of silicone rubber for C1D2 areas and elastomer for C1D1 areas. Our C1D1 keyboards include options for shock and vibration-resistant components.
VarTech Product
Additional HMI Peripherals
In addition to rugged keyboards, VarTech Systems offers numerous industrial HMI peripherals for enhanced security, communication, and operator interface usage.

The following peripherals are available on some, but not all, of our product families.
Additional HMI Peripherals

Biometric Fingerprint Scanners

When security is at the forefront of your application, our optional fingerprint scanners offer a trustworthy solution for biometric identification.
Additional HMI Peripherals

Security Cameras

Monitoring users for security purposes is a must for many applications in which our HMIs are located.

Whether for a military application or another environment where security is priority number one, our units can be equipped with cameras to record those interacting with your computer or monitor.
Additional HMI Peripherals

Locking Protective Doors

VarTech's options for locking protective doors can protect your enclosure from unauthorized usage while offering an added layer of impact damage protection.
HMI Peripherals for Enhancing Operator Interface Usage

RFID Barcode and ID Scanners

Frequently used in manufacturing environments and oil, gas, and energy applications, our optional RFID readers can be configured to scan your employee's IDs for access permissions or as a clock-in, clock-out station.

They are also practical barcode scanners for workstations where operators must capture records of inventory or materials.
HMI Peripherals for Enhancing Operator Interface Usage

Speakers and Microphones

Most commonly used as a check-in station feature in our WeighStation truck weigh scale kiosk, VarTech's ability to place speakers and microphones in our units allows users to interact with individuals in other locations.

They are also invaluable when an HMI is in a C1D1 or C1D2 hazardous area, and the operators must communicate with individuals in control rooms, for example.
HMI Peripherals for Enhancing Operator Interface Usage


With optional thermal printers, our industrial computers and monitors offer solutions for applications where maintaining paper records is necessary. Often found in our weigh scale kiosks, drivers can obtain a receipt verifying that they checked in at the kiosk.

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