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Designed for safety in C1D2 areas, VarTech's computers and monitors offer a reliable solution for hazardous area HMI systems.

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ToughStation C1D2

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Key Features

Fully Sealed for Hazardous Areas

A reliable hazardous area computing solution, our ToughStation monitors and computers are non-incendiary.

Ready for C1D2 HMI applications such as in the oil and gas industry, the products are designed for safety in all kinds of industrial environments.
Key Features

Washdown and Clean-in-Place Ready

VarTech's ToughStation units operate production lines and control complex processes in food and beverage preparation facilities. With NEMA 6 and IP67 protection, the stainless-steel enclosures protect the computer or monitor from the washdown operations required for safety standards in these environments.

Our HMIs are ready to be sanitized in life sciences applications. The robust stainless steel enclosure protects the computers and monitors from corrosion induced by alcohol wipes and harsh but necessary chemical solutions.
Key Features

High-Bright and Touchscreen LCDs

Our options for high-bright LCD display technology offers visual clarity in bright indoor or outdoor applications. Offering several touchscreen configurations, including those compatible with gloves, your employees can operate their ToughStation HMI while wearing the protective gear required for hazardous environments.

Our C1D2 area ToughStation units range in size from 10.4" to 24".
Key Features

Reliable Computing Power

Offering a variety of computer specifications including Intel i7 processors and up to 32 GB of RAM, ToughStation computers are designed for reliable performance in the extreme environments of C1D2 areas.
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