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At VarTech Systems, our industrial computers, monitors, and HMIs are always built-to-spec, designed uniquely for the needs of individual applications.

Commonly requested features include but are not limited to being ready for C1D1 and C1D2 areas, high-bright sunlight readable displays, rugged touchscreens, weatherproofing measures, and mobile network connectivity.

In addition, our product families offer upgrades that meet military specifications related to EMI protection, shock and vibration resistance, impact damage resistance, and NVIS systems.

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Safe For Hazardous Areas

Designed for safety in hazardous environments, our DiamondVue and ToughStation computers, monitors, and HMIs are ready for harsh C1D1 and C1D2 applications such as the oil and gas industries, manufacturing areas, and life sciences settings.

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Mounting Options

Whether it's VESA, RAM, rack, chassis, console, or other styles, we provide you with the flexibility to choose the perfect mounting solution to suit your workspace. Explore how our diverse mounting options enhance usability, save space, and seamlessly integrate our cutting-edge technology into your operations.

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Available as computers or monitors, our industrial displays are frequently upgraded with high-bright sunlight readable LCD technology for outdoor applications and bright indoor settings such as factories.

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Touchscreen Options

Customizable for use with protective gloves or styluses, our HMIs are available with resistive, ArmorTouch, capacitive, and PCAP touchscreen technologies for user interface requirements in outdoor and industrial applications.

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Our rugged computers and monitors are built-to-spec for environments facing extremely high or low temperatures.

Equipped with NEMA 4, NEMA 4X, NEMA 6, and IP65, IP66, or IP67 protection, our units are ready to stop dust and water ingress.

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5G-LTE Connectivity

For remote applications such as offshore drilling platforms, marine vessels, truck weigh stations, and rural settings, our HMI product families offer options for mobile network connectivity for communication, remote systems operation, and data transfer.

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Optical Bonding

Optical Bonding is a specialized process that enhances the performance and durability of LCD displays, particularly in challenging environments.

Optical Bonding boosts the display's durability, making it capable of withstanding vibrations, water exposure, and dust. This ruggedness is perfect for public access areas, factories, and other challenging environments.

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