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HMIs for the Food Processing Industry

VarTech Systems' industrial computers, monitors, and HMI kiosks are used throughout the food and beverage processing industries, meeting the requirements of washdown environments with stainless steel enclosures offering NEMA 4X and IP66 protection.
Key Features

Stainless Steel HMIs for Washdown Area

Always constructed of stainless steel for food processing facilities, our ToughStation computers, monitors, and kiosks are ready to be hosed down and face high water pressure in washdown areas.

Their NEMA 4X and IP66 protection and fully sealed keyboards keep the entire HMI safe from dust and water ingress.

In addition, their stainless-steel enclosure is resistant to corrosion for the requirements of frequent chemical cleaning processes.

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Industrial Touchscreens

Our resistive and PCAP touchscreen options offer reliable operator interface operation, including when users wear protective equipment such as gloves or must use a stylus to interact with the display.

Reliable Computing Power

With up to 32 GB of RAM and options for powerful Intel processors, you can rely on VarTech's computers to be your 24/7 HMI solution.

High-Bright Displays

Ready for bright indoor environments, our ToughStation units offer high-bright LCD display options so your HMI display will always provide visual clarity for users monitoring and operating processes.
“By not having to deal with a single failure in these ten years of operation you have made our group’s time spent on repairs zero.”

Dave B.

Engineer, Michigan Turkey Producers