Tailored Technology Solutions for any Environment

Gavin Moody

In today's fast-paced world, the demand for technology is increasing, so is the need for customized solutions to fit diverse environments. VarTech prides itself on being an innovator, providing a wide range of products that cater to various working conditions. Its focus on customization and versatility has resulted in products engineered to satisfy the unique demands of every application. VarTech's products have been deployed in various industries, including crime labs, drilling rigs, robotic automation control, seafood processing facilities, oil rigs, and even solar farms.

Elevating Autopsy Stations: Crime Lab Washdown

Imagine requiring an HD display upgrade for autopsy stations. VarTech's VTTS3M215bVES solution fits the bill. This product's gasket-sealed stainless steel construction ensures it can withstand frequent washdowns and sterilization processes. Furthermore, its mounting bracket integrates seamlessly with existing pendulum swing arms, underscoring VarTech's commitment to customization for specific needs.

Powering Innovation in HDD Industry: Drilling Rig Application

In drilling rigs, the oil, gas, and water environment often demand ruggedness and mobility. The VTTS3C104aVEA solution offers both. Its fully-enclosed, gasket-sealed LCD, and Computer unit features rear-exit sealed connectors, perfect for drilling software communication. To facilitate mobility, the unit can be moved out of the cab for versatile use. The optically bonded sunlight-readable LCD panel and thermal protection feature through a light-reflective powder-coat finish showcase VarTech's ingenuity in addressing unique industry issues.

Streamlining Parts Manufacturing: Robotic Automation Control

Heavy mining industries require innovative solutions that provide durability and function. VarTech offers the VTTSR1M170dMTS solution to control robotic automation. The product features aluminum construction and ArmorTouch touchscreen technology that's impact-resistant. The product's custom powder-coated finish facilitates seamless integration with factory machinery.

Meeting Rigorous Hygiene Standards: Seafood Process Facility

Seafood processing facilities require solutions that can handle rigorous hygiene maintenance. VarTech's VTTS3C170dVES offers IP68 rated rear exit connectors, gasket-sealed, and constructed with 316-stainless steel. Its slim design integrates with existing mounting hardware, ensuring durability, and functionality.

Conquering the Harsh Seas: Oil Rig

Oil rigs present unique challenges. Bright sunlight glare, harsh sea environment, and continuous operation are among them. VarTech offers a bespoke solution with an optically bonded screen that reduces glare, a hot-swappable battery system for continuous operation, and a custom powder-coated aluminum unit to resist harsh sea environments.

Harnessing Energy Efficiently: Solar Farm

Finally, the VTTS solution offers a way for solar farms to run efficiently. VarTech offers customized solutions that include a protective door for the LCD screen, blackout button for energy conservation, and a special mounting plate for seamless integration into the existing DIN Rail setup.

In conclusion, VarTech approaches technology solutions with an open-minded and innovative approach. From crime labs to solar farms, VarTech's product line offers customized solutions to meet the unique demands of any environment. The company's success lies in its attention to customization and functionality, making it a leader in technology solutions for diverse industries.