Unveiling the Power Behind Industrial Power Supplies: A Deep Dive into VarTech Systems, Inc.'s Technology

Gavin Moody

In the world of industrial computing, the backbone of VarTech Systems, Inc. lies in its rugged and military-grade power supplies. Designed to withstand the harshest environments, VarTech's computers, monitors, and HMIs are equipped with internal power supplies, setting them apart from commercial-grade alternatives like external power bricks and field-serviceable fuses. In this article, we'll delve into the intricacies of industrial power supplies and explore how VarTech's technology ensures seamless operation in demanding conditions.

Automatic Power Supply Functionality

VarTech's PowerCube series of small form factor computers boast automatic power supply features that enhance efficiency and convenience. Integrated with additional product lines, these systems utilize intelligent automotive power supplies, allowing them to power up upon ignition and gracefully power down when turned off. This autonomous functionality eliminates the need for manual intervention, simplifying the operation for machine operators or drivers who only need to toggle the power.

Handling Voltage Interruptions and Surges

Industrial settings are rife with challenges, including voltage interruptions and surges. VarTech's LCD monitors and computers are meticulously configured to withstand these challenges. Equipped with 18-75 VDC power supplies, these units regulate input voltage, ensuring that they operate within specified parameters. This proactive approach safeguards critical components from malfunctions caused by voltage anomalies, providing uninterrupted performance in plants and refineries.

EMI Suppression for Optimal Performance

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is a constant threat in industrial environments, capable of causing malfunctions or complete system failures. VarTech addresses this concern by incorporating EMI filters into their units. Placed between the power connector and internal power supply, these filters suppress interference and emissions generated by other equipment. This ensures that VarTech's computers and monitors operate smoothly without succumbing to the disruptive effects of EMI.

Customized Power Solutions

VarTech takes pride in its ability to provide tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of its customers. A notable example involves a customer seeking to run a power plant simulation. VarTech's engineers crafted a customized solution featuring rack-mounted displays daisy-chained together. To seamlessly integrate with the customer's infrastructure, 400 Hz power supplies were employed, providing continuous stabilized voltage and frequency accuracy. This bespoke solution enabled the customer to successfully operate their power plant simulation, showcasing VarTech's commitment to delivering innovative and personalized solutions.


VarTech Systems, Inc. stands at the forefront of industrial computing, driven by its robust and versatile power supply technology. From automatic power supply features to resilience against voltage anomalies and EMI, VarTech's solutions are meticulously engineered to ensure optimal performance in demanding environments. Whether you require standard configurations or bespoke solutions, VarTech's commitment to meeting your company's unique needs is evident in every aspect of their power supply technology. Visit the Custom Solutions page to discover how VarTech can empower your industrial operations with cutting-edge technology.