VarTech Monitors: Unrivaled Power Solutions for Demanding Environments

Gavin Moody

In the ever-evolving landscape of industrial and military applications, reliability and robust performance are paramount. VarTech stands at the forefront, delivering monitors and computers that excel in the most demanding environments. This article explores the power features embedded in VarTech's products, highlighting their resilience and versatility.

VarTech's Unrivaled Power Solutions

In the challenging realm of industrial and military applications, VarTech sets the standard for reliability and durability with its advanced line of monitors and computers. Let's delve into the power features that make VarTech's products stand out.

Industrial-Grade Power Supplies for Continuous Operation

VarTech's monitors and computers are equipped with rugged industrial or military-grade power supplies, ensuring uninterrupted performance even in the harshest conditions. Unlike commercial-grade external power bricks, VarTech's internal power supplies and field-serviceable fuses are standard features, enhancing reliability and ease of maintenance.

Versatile Power Input Solutions

VarTech understands that power requirements vary across different applications. Therefore, the company offers a wide range of power input solutions, allowing users to customize voltage specifications and seamlessly connect to existing power systems.

Automatic Power Integration with PowerCube Series

VarTech introduces an intelligent solution with the integration of automatic power features. This is particularly beneficial in automotive or machinery applications, where VarTech's PowerCube series ensures the system powers up upon ignition and shuts down when turned off. This user-friendly setup requires no additional input, making it a hassle-free experience for operators and drivers.

Transient Voltage Resistance

Power interruptions or transients can wreak havoc on critical computer and monitor components, especially in plant and refinery settings. VarTech addresses this concern by incorporating LCDs and computers equipped with 18-75 VDC power supplies. These power supplies regulate input voltage, safeguarding displays and maintaining operational parameters even during voltage fluctuations.

Specialized 400Hz Power Interface

In a unique case scenario, VarTech met a customer's requirement for a power plant simulation by daisy-chaining rack mount displays. To ensure seamless functionality within the existing infrastructure, VarTech incorporated 400Hz power supplies. These specialized supplies provided continuous stabilized voltage and frequency accuracy, demonstrating VarTech's commitment to tailored solutions.

EMI Suppression for Clean Operations

VarTech goes the extra mile by installing EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) filters when necessary. Placed between the unit's power connector and internal power supply, these filters suppress interference and emissions generated by other equipment, ensuring clean and reliable operations.

VarTech's commitment to innovation and tailored solutions shines through in its power features. Whether it's automatic power integration, resistance to transient voltages, or specialized power interfaces, VarTech's monitors and computers are engineered to excel in diverse and challenging environments. Explore the full range of VarTech products to elevate your industrial or military applications with unparalleled power solutions.