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Manufacturing Area HMIs

Ready for all kinds of manufacturing area HMI applications, VarTech's industrial computers and monitors offer reliable HMI solutions for users worldwide.

Key Features

Reliable Computing Power

Reliability is of premier importance to any manufacturing industry HMI. VarTech Systems' industrial computers are made for 24/7 efficiency with options for Intel i7 processors and up to 32 GB of RAM.

NEMA and IP Protection for Washdown Areas

With options for NEMA 4, NEMA 4X, or NEMA 6-rated enclosures with IP65, IP66, or IP67 protection, our units are protected from dust and water ingress. When your VarTech computer or monitor is in a washdown area, you can rest assured that it will remain undamaged during your facility's cleaning processes.

C1D1 and C1D2 Hazardous Areas HMIs

Our DiamondVue and ToughStation product lines offer options for fully sealed units for C1D2 areas and purge-protected C1D1 area units.

With their fully sealed enclosures and Type Z or Type X purges, our hazardous area computers and monitors are non-incendiary in the rare event of an external explosion or fire in areas where flammable gases or vapors are or can be present. In addition, shock and vibration protection options are available.

Ready for Extreme Temperatures

Whether your manufacturing area is kept at cold temperatures or your processes produce extreme heat, you can rest assured that VarTech's industrial HMI systems can withstand harsh operating conditions with optional components preparing the unit for applications with extreme temperatures.

High-Bright Touchscreen Displays

Always built-to-spec for each customer's application, our industrial computers and monitors offer high-bright sunlight-readable displays for bright factory environments.

In addition, our resistive, capacitive, PCAP, and ArmorTouch touchscreen options offer operators additional methods to control your HMIs, including functionality with gloves or styluses.

Mounts, Keyboards, and Peripherals

With over a dozen types of industrial display mounting solutions across our product lines, including custom pedestals and arm mounts, our units can fit nearly anywhere within your environment.

Our units, particularly our ToughStation workstation kiosks, offer options for fully sealed silicone or membrane keyboards, touchpads, RFID technology, and biometric fingerprint scanners.

Product Lines Used in Manufacturing Areas

Small Form Factor Computers

Most effective for tight spaces in existing manufacturing facilities, our PowerCube and SuperCube small form factor industrial computers are well-suited for controlling nonstop factory floor processes.


When you need an industrial monitor or computer with a display for a small space, the DiamondVue offers screen sizes as small as 6.5".

DiamondVue HMI products have over a dozen display sizes going up to 32", offering solutions for a diverse manufacturing areas.

ToughStation Kiosks

Built for safety, as all of our units are, ToughStation monitors and computers are fully sealed for operator interface applications in harsh industrial environments including hazardous areas.

Whether you need to monitor or control your facility's system, you can rely on our HMI keyboards and peripherals for your industrial computer workstation.