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Small Form Factor Computers

VarTech Systems offers a range of compact industrial small form factor computers for demanding applications and harsh environments.

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Small Form Factor Computer

Our Small Form Factor Models

Our four SFF computer models are powerful solutions for space-constrained computing needs in numerous deployments. Our products are made for industrial applications and engineered with ruggedness in mind.


IP67 Protected

When a small form factor computer is needed for outdoor or washdown environments, look no further than the IP67-protected SuperCube.

This fully sealed computer's rugged, fanless design makes it an effective solution for washdown areas or the outdoors, including environments where the unit faces extreme temperatures and the risk of water and dust ingress.

High-Performance Computing

Offering specifications of up to 32 GB of RAM memory and either Intel i5 or Intel i7 processors, the SuperCube is made to support 24/7 HMI operation in industrial environments.

Available builds include dual removable SSD hard drives or a TPM (Trusted Platform Module) removable computer.


VarTech's PowerCube small form factor computer is an resilient rugged computer solution in military and industrial applications.

Computing Power

Offering specifications of up to 32 GB of RAM memory and either Intel i5 or Intel i7processors, the PowerCube offers speed and reliability in the toughest elements.

With numerous options for I/O ports, including USB, Ethernet, and Serial, it offers a compact computer system with the flexibility to fit your application's needs.

PowerCube Mobile

Our ultra-slim PowerCube mobile is ideal for use in vehicles and marine vessels. Key features include its multiple mounting options and resistance to shock and vibration when this rugged small form factor computer is in a vehicle being driven off-road or a vessel sailing across potentially roaring seas.


VarTech's ToughCube supports high-performance computing requirements in heavy-duty applications. Unique to the ToughCube, adaptations to its mechanical footprint are available for smaller or larger spaces. A highly customizable small form factor industrial and rugged computer, it offers options for NEMA 4 and IP65 protection or NEMA 4X and IP66 protection.

In addition to its protection from the ingress of dust and water, it has been designed with military applications in mind, providing shock and vibration protection as well as options for the incredibly secure MIL-DTL 38999 connectors.

Industries using VarTech's small form factor computers.