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ToughStation Computers

ToughStation fully sealed computers are designed for reliable HMI operation in facilities requiring frequent washdown or chemical sanitation.

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ToughStation Computer Available Sizes


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    Key Features

    Fully Sealed Stainless Steel Enclosures

    ToughStation computers come in stainless steel gasket-sealed enclosures which resist corrosion from the daily use of cleaning agents and washdown hoses.

    NEMA Ratings and IP Protection

    Our 316 stainless steel enclosures offer NEMA 4X and IP66 protection against the ingress of dust and water. ToughStation computers are often used as HMIs in the interior of marine vessels.

    Wide Range of Display Sizes

    With display sizes ranging from the compact 10.4" to the massive 43", ToughStations computers can offer a diversity of HMI solutions for users.

    Sunlight Readable Touchscreen Displays

    Whether for a bright indoor facility or an outdoor application facing the elements, the combination of NEMA and IP weatherproofing with high-bright LCD displays make ToughStation computers effective in both environments. Touchscreen options include resistive, PCAP, and the ultra-durable ArmorTouch.

    4G-LTE Connectivity

    Often used in outdoor applications such as transportation hubs where information displayed must be constantly updated, ToughStation computer's available configurations include mobile 4G-LTE Internet connectivity.

    Mounting Options

    In addition to custom-height pedestals and mounting arms, the following mounting styles are available on most ToughStation sizes:
    · Panel with studs.
    · Console.
    · Console extreme.
    · VESA.
    · RAM.

    Industries Using ToughStation Computers