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Purge-Protected ToughStation

VarTech Systems' ToughStation HMIs, computers, and monitors are designed for safety in hazardous area applications. Our purge-protected HMI systems are certified for use in C1D1 areas.

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Purge- Protected Available Sizes

  • 32″ LED back-lit LCD
  • 43″ LED back-lit LCD

Key Features

Certified C1D1 Hazardous Area HMIs

Our HMI systems are engineered for hazardous areas, including manufacturing and oil and gas industry applications.

Whether you need a workstation meeting certifications for Class 1 Division 1 or Class 1 Division 2 environments, our units have specifications to meet safety standards for both environments' requirements.

Our stainless-steel enclosures offer NEMA 4X ingress protection, and our aluminum enclosures offer NEMA 4 protection levels in accordance with regulations and standards.

The rugged design can also be upgraded to support wide operating temperatures ranging from -30° Celsius to 60° Celsius (-22° Fahrenheit to 140° Fahrenheit).

Type X or Type Z Purge Systems

Immediately shutting down the device upon the risk of exposure to hazards, VarTech's purge-protected computers and monitors are non-incendiary. They can include a Type X or Type Z purge.

Type X purges are made for hazardous environments with a high risk of flammable gases. Our Type X purge system HMIs are available in stainless-steel or aircraft-grade aluminum enclosures.

Type Z purges are made for environments with high concentrations of combustible dust. VarTech's Type Z purge-protected HMIs are available in aluminum enclosures.

Large Format Touchscreen LCD Displays

Available in 32" and 43" display sizes, our ToughStation hazardous area HMI solutions have options for touchscreen displays, including displays requiring touch controls while operators must wear protective gloves.

In addition, our displays can be upgraded with sunlight readability features for outdoor viewing. High-bright LCDs are also valuable for bright indoor industrial applications such as manufacturing facilities.

Computing Power and Keyboards

Our products offer customizable, complete solutions with long-lasting computer options, including high-performance processors, plenty of SSD storage, and up to 32 GB of RAM memory to meet your application's unique needs.

In addition to our purge systems, VarTech manufactures fully sealed keyboards to accompany your computer or monitor for operator workstation applications.

Mounting Options

ToughStation hazardous area computers, monitors, and HMIs are available with VESA mounts (32" only) and pedestal mounts. Our pedestal mounts can be constructed to exact requirements so that your safety experts will be viewing our displays at the most appropriate height.

Industries Using the C1D1 Purge-Protected ToughStation